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The Only Compression Wear Loved And Trusted By Athletes Across The World

Join the ranks of global sports stars, including Brad Rea, Ebanie Bridges, Chris Atkin and more.

What Makes iGD Compression Wear Special?

Better Vascular Return

The ability of our fabric to increase osmotic pressure makes the heart pump harder, creating better vascular return for the body and enabling the toxins from exercise to be flushed away more effectively, reducing inflammation and bringing much-needed nutrients to your muscles.

Unique 4-Way Stretch

Our 4-way stretch fabric moves when you move allowing you to move freely. The high-quality composition and elastin content means the thread bounces back when you change positions meaning it holds its shape after multiple use.

Regulates Temperature

The wicking properties of the fabric reduce sweat pooling and promote the evaporation process in order to maintain a constant body temperature once exercise has begun.

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