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What is ‘OVERLOAD - ADAPTION - PROGRESSION’ when it comes to training?
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What is ‘OVERLOAD - ADAPTION - PROGRESSION’ when it comes to training?

Overload is when you gradually increase the weight, frequency or number of repetitions in your routine. This challenges your body and allows your musculoskeletal systems to get stronger.

Overload techniques are synonymous with strength training, however the same idea can be applied to any type of exercise including cardiovascular endurance training.

Adaption refers to your muscle groups becoming accustomed to a specific exercise or training program through repeated exposure. Completing the same exercise for weeks and months allows the athlete to become efficient, therefore expending less energy doing the same movements.

The role of compression and recovery in OVERLOAD - ADAPTION - PROGRESSION.

The purpose of compression sportswear is to speed up the recovery process, in turn, quickening the adaption phase. This is done by increasing oxygen uptake to the working muscles and reducing blood lactate levels.

As well as easing blood flow with graded compression, iGD Sport sportswear features wicking properties to reduce sweat pooling and reduce wind chill, keeping the athlete warm. The 4-way stretch fabric also allows freedom of movement.

If we overload too quickly this causes damage or injury so the purpose of recovering faster allows the athletes to overload again, speeding up their progression.

DOMS is the effect of overload and compression is recognised as the antidote.

Many repetitive strain injuries (RSI), like Gilmores groin, hip flexor, Patella tendinitis, Achilles tendonopathies, ITB syndrome, tennis and golfers elbow all respond well to compression during the exercise allowing reduced discomfort until it subsides.

The principals of becoming better at your chosen sports all include OVERLOAD - ADAPTION - PROGRESS cycles.

How fast you do this is paramount, so if compression speeds up this cycle athletes can achieve greater strength, power, endurance this making it easier to perform.



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